Inside The Immaculate World Of Russian Orthodox Dating

Inside The Immaculate World Of Russian Orthodox Dating

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Good Marriage XIII: The Theology of Marriage and Sexuality

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Dating / Courtship Advice Worksheet. St. Philip Orthodox Church – Souderton, PA​. Purpose: To become a faithful Orthodox Christian who is prepared to be a.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Ireni attia is to related orthodox dating service is to be god’s justice when we offer you can too. I keep hearing good advice that we should be a tough scene for those orthodox christians that you probably can be enlightening.

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Marriage which he especially focuses on biblical sources dating advice – eastern orthodox singles. In the writings and evangelical christians is sincere in america, and be easy.

The Orthodox Christian Marriage

Any concerns you have as the shepherd of your flock are legitimate and real. We also ask members to share their home parish name, city, and jurisdiction. We encourage them to keep their home address private. At some point in a relationship, two people may decide to meet in person for a date. At that point, the other party not from your parish may contact you to confirm the person they are going to meet is an Orthodox Christian in good standing.

They are doing this for their own protection.

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In the Holy Orthodox Church, the sacrament of Marriage is not a right, but a privilege granted to those who have properly prepared for such a serious endeavor as Holy Marriage. It must be noted that nothing that Holy Mysteries or Sacraments which an Orthodox Christian engages in ever merely a private transaction between two individuals. When a husband and wife marry in the Holy Orthodox Church, they are involving, by necessity, an event which Jesus Christ Himself participates through Grace, by which the priest celebrates in person, and by the praying community, the church participates in collectively.

In view of this “ecclesial” dimension of marriage, therefore, a wedding must be performed within the context of the Orthodox Church in order for the Church to recognize and affirm the validity and authenticity of the marriage. Expecting the church to act in any other way would be to expect the church to act in a manner less than She is. It would be considered unjust to demand of Her to be any less than She is deemed to be by our Lord Jesus Christ. At Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church, we will always seek to maintain the highest level of integrity when it comes to sharing not only the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, but to witness faithfully the seriousness of His Divine Mysteries.

This prescription should not be taken lightly.

Russian Orthodox Church

A growing trust and a spirit of cooperation have developed between the Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church during the last twenty-five years, not only in the United States but also in other parts of the world. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, our Churches have been led to recognize more profoundly the need to manifest our unity in Christ and to pray for healing the wounds of centuries-old estrangement.

As bishops of these two churches, we hail this progress in mutual commitment to Church unity.

to the benign (“Don’t forget to have date nights”) to the downright quirky However, I also received a piece of advice that proved to be toxic for our (If you are interested in reading more on the Orthodox Christian view of.

There are special experiences in our corporate life as Orthodox Christians when the perception of God’s presence and actions is heightened and celebrated. We call these events of the Church Sacraments. Traditionally, the Sacraments have been known as Mysteries in the Orthodox Church. This description emphasizes that in these special events of the Church, God discloses Himself through the prayers and actions of His people. Not only do the Sacraments disclose and reveal God to us, but also they serve to make us receptive to God.

All the Sacraments affect our personal relationship to God and to one another. The Holy Spirit works through the Sacraments. He leads us to Christ who unites us with the Father. By participating in the Sacraments, we grow closer to God and to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This process of deification, or theosis, as it is known by Orthodoxy, takes place not in isolation from others, but within the context of a believing community. Although the Sacraments are addressed to each of us by name, they are experiences which involve the entire Church.

On Marriage

Father, bless! If anything about relationships has been drilled into me over the years, it’s that men don’t like to be asked, they like to do the asking. Are you suggesting that in some situations it would be all right for the woman to broach the topic? Dear Michelle, In my experience, usually it is a good idea to make inquires of a sensitive nature through a trusted third party.

This is simply an online forum of Orthodox Christian singles getting to know each combined with online dating advice to help protect our Orthodox singles.

I know that I lived away from home for almost all of my post-secondary education, and there were things I did well and things that I did not do so well. So here are some tips that were given to me, and some tips that I have for you. They are in no particular order. How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to thy word.

With my whole heart I seek thee; let me not wander from thy commandments! I have laid up thy word in my heart, that I might not sin against thee. Spiritual Rule You need one. If you do not have one, get one. The same is true of your spirituality. If you do not have a sense of commitment to something, it means that you do not value it.

The other thing is, not having discipline to do something, makes you weak in it. If you do not regularly attend to your physical health and have some kind of discipline to it, you get ill, you get weak, or you get problems that lead to greater complications. The spirit is a real thing in you that needs attention.

For Priests

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It is important to learn what marriage means to Eastern Orthodox Christians. the parish priest to verify if the Church calendar is open for the date requested and to set He/she is also the person you turn to for advice and counsel in your lives.

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Dating Advice, Orthodox Style

Autocephaly recognized universally de facto , by some Autocephalous Churches de jure. The ROC, as well as its primate, officially ranks fifth in the Orthodox order of precedence, immediately below the four ancient patriarchates of the Greek Orthodox Church : Constantinople , Alexandria , Antioch , and Jerusalem. The Christianization of Kievan Rus’ , widely seen as the birth of the ROC, is believed to have occurred in through the baptism of the Kievan prince Vladimir and his people by the clergy of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, whose constituent part the ROC remained for the next six centuries, while the Kievan see remained in the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate until The ROC currently claims exclusive jurisdiction over the Orthodox Christians, irrespective of their ethnic background, who reside in the former member republics of the Soviet Union , excluding Georgia and Armenia.

i have only been an orthodox Christian 5 years, but i keep hearing good advice all the time. people are advised to treat their fiance(e) like their.

The ethereal chants that had for two hours entranced a standing congregation still echoed off the intricately painted walls as Father Aleksy Gomonov retreated to the sacristy to remove his vestments. But his sizeable, surprisingly young flock remained. As tables were brought in and arranged in neat rows among the ancient icons and golden candelabra, the crowd began to mingle.

Off came the thick winter coats, and out came the smartphones. Numbers were traded, eye contact held or averted, and a subdued atmosphere of piety gave way to flirtation and giggles. It was the latest gathering of the Peter and Fevronia Club, a sort of speed-dating night for Moscow’s Orthodox Christians. Each Sunday, after the week’s final service, Gomonov brings together the single men and women of his parish, and anyone else keen to join. As they chat over cucumber sandwiches and black tea, he dispenses relationship advice mixed with church teachings.

Many come to find their other half, the old-fashioned way. Others seek a companion for walks, church events, or pilgrimages. And Gomonov, a happily married father of two? He’s just killing time. At 67, Gomonov sports an impressive white beard and a mane of strawberry-blond hair. In the 20 years since he took charge of the Dormition Church, he has fostered a community like few others in Moscow.


Reprinted by Pravmir. What is Love? How about in any other language, for that matter? Is there any song on the radio these days that is not about this word? How often do we see this topic in popular culture? How many clothing lines, backpacks, school supplies, you name it- have hearts on them or other love-themed pictures?

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All rights reserved. Children participate in a Christmas procession in Tbilisi, Georgia on January 7, Orthodox believers observe Christmas according to the Julian—rather than Gregorian—calendar. The origins of the split over when to officially recognize the birth of Jesus Christ stretch back all the way to A. To do so, they decided to base it on the Julian calendar , a solar calendar which Roman ruler Julius Caesar had adopted in 46 B. As a result, the calendar and the solar year became increasingly out of sync as the centuries progressed.

He convened another group of astronomers and proposed a new calendar , known as the Gregorian calendar. The new calendar solved a number of tricky issues that had accumulated over the years, and the majority of the Christian world adopted it. But the Orthodox Church , which had split into its own arm of Christianity during the Great Schism of after centuries of increasing conflict, objected to the change.

So the Orthodox Church rejected the Gregorian calendar and continued to rely on the Julian calendar. It stayed that way for centuries, and the calendar drift continued for Orthodox churches. By , there was a day difference between the two calendars, putting Orthodox Christmas 13 days after December

Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral

We find it imperative to address you on an issue of crucial importance for the Christian life. An increasingly secularized world tends more and more to neglect the traditional biblical understanding of marriage and family. The consequences are plain for all to see: the family is disintegrating, legalized abortion is killing millions of unborn children, corrupt sexual behavior is rampant.

Even if they do ask for advice or guidance from a priest or parent or other responsible person, many young people are merely seeking.

A friend of mine is in love with someone who is using her, brainwashing her and disrespecting her family; but she will not listen to anyone nor will she leave him no matter what. What should I do? About a year ago, I started talking more with a friend of mine. I met him a few years ago with his family when they came to our city on vacation, and his sister has been one of my best friends for several years.

Through our conversations, I have learned a lot about him and I truly feel blessed to have him as part of my life. He is very strong in faith and has helped me grow stronger spiritually. We have become very close friends over the past year. I told my brother how I felt about him. At first, my brother was supportive and asked me simple questions about his career and his family. He told me to keep it as a friendship and not to set any expectations for a serious commitment.

I told him that I really wanted to tell Mom and Dad because I did not want to hide it from them. I went to Abouna and explained to him the situation, and he told me that I should tell Mom and Dad. I told my parents that I had become good friends with this young man and that I felt very comfortable with him.

Should Christians Kiss Before Marriage?

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